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Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

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Here's a list of Mahayana buddhas and bodhisattvas:

Each group of 4-5 students should tackle a unique figure that no other group is working on.



List your group's members by the name of a buddha or bodhisattva below to lay claim to this figure for your group.

Any buddha or bodhisattva without any names by it is up for grabs. 


Buddhas and Bodhisattvas


Avalokitshvara - Kodi's group

Guanyin - Stefanie Franchs, Jessica Townsend, Shannon Mahoney, Scott Mulligan, Matthew McEachern

Kannon - Chieh Lun Tang



Tara - Kristen Cretecos, Marnie Brinckerhoff, Amber Carlson, Brittany Woods

Prajnaparamita - Noel, Tyler Yahn, Keith, Courtney

Manjushri - Sydney's group

Vajrapanani - Amy Sereda, AJ Fenton, Gouri Srinidhi, Deborah Krause

Mahasthamaprapta / Seishi - Kristin Meyers

Amitabha / Amituo-fo / Amida - Chelsea Wilkerson, Madelyn Morgan, Hunter Thompson

Amitayus - Cameron's group

Ksitigarbha / Jizo - Jen Miller, Shelley Nagata, Kate Levin, Zoe Tomar

Vairocana / Dainichi - Elise Swanson, John Fuhrmann, Cassie Fosheim, Tobias Cragg


Ratnasambhava- Austin, Ryan, Risa, Daisuk

Akshobhya - Garrett Reid, Nathan Bosso, Lauren Kargol, Perrin Cook

Amoghasiddhi - Sean's group

Vajrasattva - Samantha's group

Samantabhadra / Puxian / Fugen- Millicent Rugg, Amber Solinger, Kelsey Wentz, Stephanie Iwahashi

Maitreya - Ashley Herzberger, Lynn Hall, Christine Cayot, Amanda Haynes

Bhaishajyaguru - Nicole,Joshua,Patricia,Jeff

Vajradhara - Eli, Anne, Hilary, and Casey





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