Buddhist Art



Museum Collections and Exhibits of Buddhist Art

Here are some websites to begin your search for a Buddhist image! Feel free to add more websites below...




    World Timeline of Art: Timeline and Thematic Essays on Asian Art from the Met



Explore Thematic Essays at the Met on Life of the Buddha, Tibetan Buddhist Art, and Zen Buddhism 




  Asian Art Collection: Search the Collection or view Current Exhibits at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco




       Buddhist Art in Asia: A Guided Tour of Cornell's Asian Art and its Symbolism





      Buddhism, The Art of Asia: Images and Essays from the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts





          Japanese Buddhist Art: Explore the Asian Art Collection from the MFA in Boston





           Buddhist Art and Trade Routes: Essays and Images of Buddhist Asia from Asia Society




          Multimedia Tour of the Buddhist World: A Series of Photo Essays from Pacific Asia Museum





       Database of Himalayan Art: Search Dozens of Museum Collections of Himalayan Art





   UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Click on an Interactive Map to explore ancient Buddhist Sites


 or for India only http://asi.nic.in/asi_monu_whs.asp


Explore archealogical sites in photos, video and panographies at Stupa at SanchiBorobudur Temple, Anchor Wat, or Ajanta Caves 




        Along the Silk Road: Clickable map to view slide shows of Buddhist sacred sites along the Silk Road.





     The Thai Buddhist Image: A Historical Overview of Styles in Thai Art





   Exhibitions of Asian Art: Web Links to Current Museum and Gallery Shows