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Getting Started

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Here's How to Get Started....

If you need help, there are useful links on What is Wiki


This is a collaborative project. You should begin setting up your WIKI page as a team, but after that, each team member can add to and edit the WIKI page from home.



1) Enter the WIKI


  • gather as a team of 2-3 students
  • enter the WIKI for the Image Gallery (where you post Review #1)
  • click "Edit" on the menu page
  • choose a spot on the page for your review



2) Name Your Team's WIKI Page


  • type in the title of your team's review
  • below that, give a catchy 20-30 word synopsis
  • highlight the title of your review
  • click on "Link" on the menu bar
  • a "New Page" will be automatically selected
  • all you you do is hit okay!
  • be sure to press "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your edit!


It should look something like this:



SAMSARA PERFUME: Keep your man forever... in the chains of suffering!




3) Design Your Team's WIKI Page


  • once saved, you can click on your title
    it will prompt you to "Create a New Page" (no template is preselected)
  • then you'll go to a brand new page on the Course WIKI
    it belongs to your team, so design away... and be as creative as possible!!!
  • you can upload photos with "Insert Image," add links with the "Link,"
    insert videos with "Insert Plugin," and format your text with the menu bar.
    if you compose on line, be sure to save frequently
    there is no "Undo" button, but you can hit "Cancel" to revert to your last save
    after you save, you have to hit the "Edit" button to start working on your Review again

Click on Bodhisattva in Royal Garb or Devilish Scent for samples.



4) Comment on 3 Other Reviews


  • each student should comment on the work of three others
  • hit the "Comments" button on the top menu bar (next to "Edit")
  • your comments should be 30-50 words
  • says something you like about the Review and something that could be improved
  • rate the Review, giving it 1 to 5 stars (5 is the highest)
  • sign your comments with your initials or CU user name



5) Update your Review (optional)


  • if you like, you can update your Review based on the comments of others



Questions or Concerns? Please feel free to Contact Us.


If you ever delete the work of another student unintentionally, please contact the Professor or Teaching Assistant immediately.

Alert the Professor or Teaching Assistant about any inappropriate content. And it will be promptly removed.








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