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Group Project

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Mahayana Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

A Gallery of Images and Insights by the Students in "Foundations of Buddhism"





This is a collaborative project. You should begin setting up your WIKI page as a group.

After that, each group member can add to and edit the Project from home.



1) Choose a buddha or bodhisattva


  • choose a buddha or bodhisattva for your project by referring to the list on Buddhas & Bodhisattvas
  • meet together look through art books or surf museum collections and exhibits of Buddhist Art 
  • choose several images that represents a Mahayana buddha or bodhisattva from East Asia, Tibet or Himalaya
  • you'll need to post these images onto your Wiki page, so if they are from a book, scan at low-med resolution 


2) Create your Wiki page


  • visit Getting Started for directions on how to create the page for your group
  • post the images of the buddha or bodhisattva that your group has chosen
  • find web resources on this figure and discuss his/her iconography and mythology
  • together create an outline for the project and an initial layout for the page


3) Describe and analyze images


  • describe the iconography: posture / gesture(s) / clothing / implements / setting / ancillary figures

    see links to information on gestures (Sanskrit: mudra) 

  • what does the iconography of the figure symbolize? what does the image as a whole convey?
  • is there a story that goes along with this particular image of the buddha or bodhisattva?
  • what do you think was the original setting for this image? how do you think the image was used?


4) Myth and ritual


  • include sections on (a) myths associated with this figure and (b) ritual modes of veneration
  • what principle does this buddha or bodhisattva represent? how is this conveyed through his/her mythology?
  • how many myths can you find about this figure? are myths associated with different images and iconography?
  • does this figure have a mantra or prayer associated with him or her?
  • in what other ways do Buddhists pay homage to this figure or request assistance?
  • what ways does this Mahayana figure fulfill the bodhisattva vow of benefiting all sentient beings?


5) Post Your Project


  • once you've created a page from your Project, post a link to it on the Image Gallery
  • to edit the page, follow instructions on Getting Started and find help on What is Wiki 
  • in terms of the overall composition, each student on your team should contribute 500 words
  • if you compose on-line, be sure to press "Save" frequently
  • be sure to list any and all sources you used at the bottom of the page
  • sign your entry with the name of your group members 


 THEN... Comment & Revise


  • each student should comment on three other Projects, rating the Project 1 to 5 (5 is the highest) 
  • says something you like about the Project and something that could be improved
  • optional: revise your group's WIKI page based on the comments of others


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